January 8, 2016

Our Conservatorship Promise

Our promise to our Conservatorship clients, families, and community partners…

First and foremost, we will act to conserve our client’s monies and assets so that they may be used for their best interest.

We will consider the financial wishes our clients.

We will be reliable, knowledgeable, and responsive partners in the care and management of the financial lives of the people for whom we have been entrusted to serve

We will include family members as partners in the care of our clients and consider their input valuable in the decisions we make. 

We will abide by the directives of the Court and the laws and regulations to govern our work.

We will collaborate in good faith with our community partners to provide the appropriate levels of financial management for our clients.

We will select the appropriate financial approach and conservation of the assets that meet our client’s needs and preferences that are within the their resources.

As our client’s financial needs change, we will make the necessary adjustments in a timely fashion.