January 8, 2016

Our Representative Payee Promise

Our promise to our Representative Payee clients, families, and community partners…

First and foremost, we will treat all of our clients with respect and we expect the same from our clients.

We will make every attempt to work with our clients to establish a budget that balances our client’s wishes and the requirements of the Social Security Administration. (please see Representative Payee limitations to see those requirements)

We will be a reliable, knowledgeable and responsive partner in the financial management of our client’s federal benefits.

We will not act against the direct requirements of the Social Security Administration

We will initiate and complete the Annual Payee Report.

We will attempt to return non-emergency Representative Payee client related phone calls within 24 hours.

We will meet with our client’s to establish a consistent budget and address their financial concerns

We will collaborate, in good faith with our partners to provide the appropriate levels of care and services for our clients.

Guardian is bonded and insured for the protection of our clients. We are audited annually by a public CPA firm and have additional audits performed by the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration. (put this one in other products, too)

We will discontinue our services if we feel someone is disrespectful or makes any threats to harm one of our staff.