January 8, 2016

VA Fiduciary – What you need to know

The appointment of a VA Fiduciary is a federal process that is managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs and is governed by federal laws. A VA Fiduciary manages veteran benefits that are distributed by the Veterans Administration.

  1. As a policy, we do not request to become a VA Fiduciary for an individual unless we have already been appointed to be their guardian and/or conservator. Therefore, we currently do not take referrals for this service
  2. The Veterans Administration requires an application to be completed in order to appoint a VA Fiduciary. A field examiner may also determine at the initial appointment and examination that a veteran may require a VA Fiduciary, which will also initiate the process.
  3. We are required to complete an annual accounting report, called the Federal Fiduciary’s Account 21P-4706b, which will provide the Veterans Administration a detailed accounting of the benefits and how they were managed.
  4. The process to establish the VA Fiduciary authority is entirely dependent on the Veterans Administration.