January 8, 2016

Our VA Fiduciary Process


In order to initiate the process of becoming a VA Fiduciary for a veteran, our organization completes a form to request the appointment which is reviewed by a Veteran Administration Field Examiner. The field examiner will make the ultimate decision on whether or not the veteran needs a VA Fiduciary and who will act in that authority. If we are appointed then the benefits will be distributed to our organization directly so we may use those funds for the client. At the time we are appointed as VA Fiduciary, our organization will complete a form called the Fiduciary Agreement (VA Form 21-4703).


During the time that we are VA Fiduciary, we will use the funds to pay bills and distribute the funds to the client for personal use.  Every year we will complete an accounting that will be provided to the Veterans Administration. This accounting form is called the Federal Fiduciary’s Account 21P-4706b and will provide a detailed account of all the transactions completed that year.

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